Wednesday, February 17, 2010


How is your luck? If you believe in luck then you can begin changing it instantly by getting into a state of mind that brings and attracts lucky encounters into your life. You can accomplish this by applying strategies that increase your luck and making your life open to wonderful surprises by following the following tips.

Live in the present
First, the present moment is your point of power to exercise your full energy. Consider this; all your hopes for the future and even your memories of the past can happen only in the present moment. The past and the future have no authenticity of their own. Their realities are “borrowed” from the present moment. Therefore learning to do things right away without procrastinating increases ones luck.
Thinking positive
Now consider your mind as a “mine of thoughts” with only two qualified mines boys “Triumph” and “Defeat”. Triumph is in charge of mining positive thoughts specializing in producing reasons of why you can, why you are qualified, and why you will succeed.
Defeat on the other hand, produces negative depreciating thoughts. It develops reasons why you can’t, deals on weakness and your inadequacy. In short the area of specialization is “why- you- will- fail”
The two interests conflicting giving one a choice of either success or defeat.
To be lucky think on the positive side of life by ‘mining’ in your mind with  Triumph. Consequently by keeping a lucky journal on good things that have happened to you will foster a lucky attitude. This attitude might just attract more lucky things into your life.
Give yourself a hug
Many at times when misfortune knocks on our doors, we are left wallowing in the miasma of defeat and “I wish” attitude. We seat and wait for friends to encourage us. But For how long will you wait my dear? In today’s world where true friends are hard to find self-help will be very important. Give yourself a big hug and move on.

Look lucky
This calls for self-confidence, which can only be achieved by being at peace with your self. Believe in the saying that you are wonderfully made and never wish to be like somebody else.
Good fortune radiates from the way you carry yourself. When walking around, hold your head high and put on a smile on your face. Dress your best to please yourself and not other people and enjoy the feeling of being alive.

Become a social butterfly
Lucky people have much broader social networks than others. This increases their chances of having lucky encounters. ‘No man is an island’ adage rings true. Have you ever met a person who got a great job because they knew someone? People need other people to achieve success. Don’t limit yourself.

Trust yourself
Learning to trust your hunches will build your confidence and help you believe in your ability to choose what is right for you. If you have a decision to make, do not rely on the hard facts only. Consider time too to listen to your innate feelings. Basing your decision on both facts and feeling increase the lucky charm!

Take more risks.
On taking risks consider Jackson B. Junior’s saying: “Nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance”.  Lucky people see taking risks as a natural part of the process of fulfilling their dreams. Be realistic with your risks but don’t use realism as an excuse not to try.

Exploit your potential
Potential is the power, strength and possibilities that come from using your natural abilities. Whether you know it or not everyone has potential. In fact, I know that everyone has potential that it far exceeds what they can explore and manifest in one lifetime. Choose aspects of your potential you want to focus on, in this lifetime. That is, the one extraordinary life you want to create.

We all have the ability to be lucky. Lucky can be developed and it isn’t innate, you are a gold mine and don’t just sit there waiting for someone to discover you.

Build your luck and live a fulfilling life.

Have a lucky day. Won’t you?


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