Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Journeys of self discovery are nothing new. Myths, legends, folk stories and fairy tales from every ethnic group tell about heroes and heroines who go on journeys seeking a deeper understanding of who they are. Many of the best stories contain important cultural clues about how to find what you seek.
However in the modern world things are a little bit different. It is sometimes hard to find the wise guidance and practical assistance provided by the parents and guardians. On the contrary, most parents dictate the destiny of their children especially when they reach at the crossroads.

The youths have become victims of circumstances in fulfilling their parent’s dreams. The neurosurgeon, the aeronautical engineer, and the pilot they wanted to be. Many at times this is not what you want to be. They are meant to make the choices at gun point. You take this course or you pay your own fees, you know such threats. The point here is plain. The fact that they once aspired to be doctors name it, is a clear indictor that it was not meant to be. Talk of the bad seed.  The bad or the good traits are genetically transmitted. Am sure my biology teacher served me right.

We also have parents who thing simply because they are successful in their profession, then the entire family should follow their foot steps. This is sad, right? I think that is very selfish and ignorant. All they do not know is you may want to be whatever you choose a journalist because it’s your talent. More so given a chance you will do it with a passion and feel at home.

Their freedom of choice having been curtailed, they are left wallowing in the miasma of defeat. As a result, they let chance, luck or whim determine their future and the road they take through life. Instead of choosing our destiny, we settle for what is safe or acceptable -- and end up living lives we would never have consciously chosen for ourselves.
But within each of us is a hero or heroine just waiting to be discovered. And like every hero, we each have a unique set of gifts and talents inside of us just waiting to be developed and put to use to create the life we dream of. Are you one of the people who want to make the grave yard richer? Regardless of how old you are, the rest of your life lies before you. You can continue on the path you are on. Or you can choose to discover your potential and create a path to the destiny that reflects who you dream of being.

Unfortunately, most of us have never opened the box of potential to find out who we are.
Instead we are shaped by the limitations of our environment and the opinions of those around us. The end result is that we become reflections of our early conditioning and our culture instead of who we truly are meant to be. And so our self image and our fate are sealed by what others see as possible for you

Discover Who You Are & Who You Can Become


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