Sunday, April 11, 2010


The teaching profession which was once termed as a calling or talent has become the final  option.
Some years back, People took their time before deciding profession they wanted to pursue.Parents and their Children prayed about it. Professionalism was considered very important to the extent that some divinity was attached to it. After deciding what one wanted, they did their best and with a passion. 
In the modern world though, things have changed. It is not a matter of a calling anymore or talent but the better option.
Parents feel a great loss after spending thousands of money educating their children and they do not make it to the public university because of the high cut off points or simply because they failed. In the quest to make their children financially independent many often turn to teaching.This is because teaching colleges relatively affordable.    
Such teachers neither have a passion nor do they enjoy teaching. They go to class as a formality. They are always late because teaching is not their priority. Besides they do not have a lesson plan which is a waste of time to them. They are very impatient with the students in class and they do not want to be asked many questions and if the student has not understood they refer them to the text books.
The tremendous cases of teachers raping and impregnating their students may be attributed to teaching being “the better option”. This is because when boredom overwhelms them they start eying people’s sons and daughters.
 To safe guard the future of our education system and that of our children, paerents should consult with their children and help them make wise and informed carrier choices.
Parents should also play their role in the parent’s teachers association well. They should keep the teachers and the schools administration on toes to ensure that they perform their duties as expected. That is the only way we can get rid and put an end to the emerging culture of teaching” the better option.”
By: Edna Ipalei,

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