Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Old ways are not gold anymore

By:Edna Ipalei

They say “Old Is Gold”-old ideas, Ways of living, trends and traditions are always the best and irreplaceable. But is this always true?

I must confess that I was a staunch believer of this saying. Not until my awful encounter in a certain finance office when it dawned on me that some old things, just do not work any more.

I reached the office at 9.00 am and found five other people waiting to be served. So, patiently, I sat on the bench and waited for my turn Wait a minute! Something was amiss. The line was not moving.

Seeing that none of the people in the queue were willing to tell me what the problem was. I walked to the counter.

What I found there left me more worried than angry. Slumped on a chair was a fat, grey haired, big-bellied man. He gave me a tired look, and in my head I wondered if he was unwell. But he did not give me a chance to utter a word.

“Young girl! What is your problem? I have just told others to wait on that bench. You young people are always in a hurry. If you want to be faster than me, just go a head”. He blurted out; a wide grin on his face indicating that he had made his point clear.

My Goodness!? Where are all the young people? I am disturbed to see young energetic and competent people out there looking for jobs while all the offices are full of old and tired goons. All in the name of experience.

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